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Are you a tenant who has recently received a schedule of dilapidations from your landlord? We’re here to help.

Our specialist dilapidations surveyor works with tenants of all sizes to help mitigate and reduce your landlord’s claim. We are familiar with the legal practices in England and Wales and also the slightly differing practices in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We provide dilapidation surveys for tenants across the whole of the South of England including Cornwall, Devon, Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, Birmingham, London, and their surrounding areas.

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What is Tenants Dilapidations?

Tenants dilapidations refer to the damage or disrepair that tenants cause to a rented property during their occupancy, beyond normal wear and tear. This term is commonly used in the context of commercial and residential leases.

When a lease ends, the landlord typically inspects the property to assess its condition compared to when the tenant first moved in. Any necessary repairs or reinstatements that the tenant is responsible for under the lease terms are considered dilapidations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you Richard, it’s been a pleasure working with you and I too am pleased with the result. Should any similar work arise, I’ll certainly recommend your services.


Richard was fantastic from tender to completion. Easy and slick process, and very detailed Schedule Of Conditions produced. Would use again!


Dilapidation Services for Tenants

Dilapidation Surveys

Dilapidation surveys are inspections conducted to assess the condition of a property, specifically to identify any disrepair, damage, or breaches of lease obligations by the tenant. These surveys are crucial in the context of property leasing, particularly at the end of a lease term.

Legal Documentation Appraisal

Legal documentation appraisal, especially in the context of dilapidations, involves a thorough review and evaluation of legal documents related to property leases. This process helps ensure that all legal aspects are correctly addressed, reducing the risk of disputes and providing clarity on obligations.

Interpreting Lease Clauses

Interpreting lease clauses accurately is essential for understanding your obligations and rights regarding property dilapidations. By thoroughly reading the lease, consulting with experts, and seeking clarification when necessary, you can ensure compliance and avoid potential disputes. Proper interpretation helps both landlords and tenants manage their responsibilities effectively and maintain a positive leasing relationship.

Lease Breaks, Surrender or Lease End Strategy

By following specific steps Gemstock can help you with, you can effectively manage the end of your lease, whether through a break clause, surrender, or natural expiration, and mitigate potential risks associated with dilapidations and other financial liabilities.

Service Charge Strategy

A well-planned service charge strategy ensures that both landlords and tenants understand their obligations, costs are managed efficiently, and transparency is maintained throughout the lease period. Clear communication, compliance with legal requirements, and proactive management of service charge budgets are essential for fostering positive landlord-tenant relationships and minimising disputes.

Budgeting for Dilapidations Liabilities

Budgeting for dilapidations liabilities requires careful planning, thorough assessment, and proactive management to ensure compliance with lease obligations and minimise financial impact. By following certain steps and seeking professional advice from us, tenants can effectively manage dilapidations liabilities and navigate the end of their lease agreements smoothly.

Estimating Cost of Works

Estimating the cost of works requires a systematic approach, involving detailed assessment, accurate calculations, and thorough documentation. We can help develop reliable cost estimates for various property projects, ensuring budget adherence and project success.

Overseeing Dilapidation and Related Works

Overseeing dilapidation and related works requires planning, clear communication, diligent project management, and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. By following this approach, stakeholders can ensure successful completion of works while maintaining positive relationships with landlords, tenants, and contractors involved in the process.

Preparing Written and Photographic Schedules of Condition

Preparing written and photographic schedules of condition is essential for documenting the state of a property at the beginning and sometimes at the end of a lease or before undertaking significant works. This documentation serves as a reference point to assess any changes or damages that occur over time.

Preparing or Defending Schedules of Dilapidations

Preparing or defending schedules of dilapidations requires preparation, clear documentation, and strategic negotiation skills. Understanding lease obligations, conducting thorough assessments, and seeking professional advice are critical steps to effectively manage and resolve dilapidations claims and ensure fair outcomes in accordance with lease agreements and legal requirements.

Section 18 Valuations

A Section 18 valuation refers to a specific type of valuation conducted under Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 (England and Wales). This valuation is crucial in determining the compensation payable by a tenant to their landlord when the landlord intends to carry out significant works or improvements to the property, and the tenant has the right to claim a lease extension under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993.

Negotiating Settlements

Gemstock is able to negotiate settlements, especially in the context of dilapidations disputes, and requires a strategic approach and effective communication skills.

Expert Witness

As an expert witness, Gemstock’s specialists require not only technical expertise but also an understanding of legal procedures, courtroom etiquette, and ethical responsibilities. Our experts play a critical role in helping courts and associates understand complex technical issues, contributing to the fair and just resolution of disputes based on evidence and expert opinion.

Richard Wood Gemstock Chartered Surveyors Plymouth Exeter Truro Taunton Cornwall Devon South West England Dilapidations Party Walls Commercial Surveys Home Surveys

Richard Wood, Dilapidations Surveyor

Gemstock Chartered Surveyors is headed by experienced Chartered Surveyor, Richard Wood BSc (Hons) MRICS.

Richard’s previous roles have included commercial building surveying and property consultancy for Xerox and related companies, stints in firms covering residential and commercial property; and prior to Gemstock Chartered Surveyors, Richard has 7 years in the specialist dilapidations and lease advisory team at Deloitte LLP which took over Drivers Jonas in 2010.

When not in the office, Richard’s interests include tennis, skiing, and cycling; and exploring the South West.


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